By Scott Brown
Updated July 18, 2006 at 11:49 PM EDT

In the Friends yearbook, Jennifer Aniston appears under the rubric “Least Likely To Call for a Friends Reunion Episode.” And yet here she is, saying she wouldn’t mind doing a Thanksgiving-themed encore ep.

Now we’ve all said silly things to British journalists before — it’s part of growing up. But Aniston, who appears to be some kind of movie star despite critics’ claims to the contrary, could make a Friends reunion happen with no more than a tilt of her head; everybody else, I imagine, would follow, if the price was right. (LeBlanc would probably do it for a roast beef sandwich and a ride to the set.) Imagine if George Clooney made some casual comment about scrubbing in at E.R. I think NBC would be on the line in less than two minutes, on the off chance he was serious.

I suppose the larger question is: Do we need a Friends reunion? Would it be a sentimental treat, or too much, too soon? Should we wait until they’re a little more decrepit? It’d be more poignant that way. I want to see them swatting a new generation of hipsters off the Central Perk couch with rolled up copies of Newsday. No, wait: I don’t want to see that at all. Do you?

addCredit(“Jennifer Aniston: Sean Gallup/Getty Images”)