By Amy Ryan
Updated July 14, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Bob Barker: Tony Esparza/CBS

Via USA Today‘s Pop Candy comes this list of the 30 greatest game show hosts of all time. Generally speaking, this is a fine list, and I’m glad to see that such unorthodox hosts as Jeff Probst, Takeshi Kaga (Iron Chef‘s pepper-biter), and Muppet Guy Smiley made the cut.

But what fun would such a list be if it didn’t offer grounds to complain? So here goes: No Chuck Woolery? Alex Trebek (shown here when his hair and mustache were at their full ’70s glory) is only No. 5? Tom Bergeron scores higher as Hollywood Squares host than Peter Marshall? Bob Barker (pictured) loses the top spot to Gene Rayburn? I mean, yeah, Match Game was pretty hilarious, and Rayburn’s simian leer fit it nicely, but there are only so many times, Gene, that you and Charles Nelson Reilly can snicker at the rubes before that shtick gets old. Barker, though, deserves some kind of Nobel Prize, not just for his longevity, stamina, and patience, but for his unflagging enthusiasm, getting just as excited over some grocery-shelf product that the poor Price Is Right contestant has to price as he does over new cars. Plus, as the listmaker notes, he got to kick Adam Sandler’s ass. You’ve served your country and its capitalist economy well, Mr. Barker.

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