The ''Miami Vice'' film star is a fan of the campy TV show

By Adam B. Vary
July 14, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Gong has been a fan of the pastel-tastic Miami Vice TV series since the ’80s, when it was as influential in China as in the U.S. ”All the Chinese [wore] white suits and white shoes,” recalls the actress, through a translator.

2 In the film, she plays a drug-dealing Chinese-Cuban moll. Gong calls her ”a sharp and dangerous person.”

3 Gong has a very, er, incisive part in 2007’s Young Hannibal, as Lecter’s aunt. ”She affects him to be a cannibal,” Gong says. ”She gives him his good side, bad side?and the love.” Okay…

4 Gong’s parents, both professors, wanted her to be a schoolteacher. ”They felt it was an honorable job with a stable income. But I didn’t do well [in school], so I couldn’t be a teacher.”

5 Instead, Gong landed at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, where she had other homework: ”Most of my time was spent observing people.”

6 She was doing assignments even as her Vice costar Colin Farrell was out carousing. ”I needed to memorize lines,” the actress explains. ”But I’m sure he did go out with other actors.”

7 Married and living in Beijing, Gong, 40, just shot her first film in 10 years with director (and ex-paramour) Zhang Yimou (Hero), a martial-arts epic, Curse of the Golden Flower.

8 Don’t expect to see the actress do battle herself. ”There are so many martial-arts Chinese films,” she says. ”I only want to focus on performing.”

9 Not that Gong didn’t like being part of Vice‘s action. ”I was in a speedboat and around the car fighting,” she says. ”I absorbed a lot and learned a lot.”

10 In fact, the shoot made her more confident. ”I am more well-rounded, like a bird that has more feathers,” says Gong. ”There’s nothing I can’t conquer.”

”She’s a fangirl,” says Clerks II director Kevin Smith. ”The hottest geek on earth.”