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By EW Staff
Updated July 14, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Super Shot
I gotta hand it to you. As a humongous Superfan, I am forever grateful Brandon Routh was chosen to don the tights for the new film. I completely geeked at the sight of your cover: the single most classic shot of superhero transformation. Great job!
Kevin Schultz
Erie, Pa.

Diminishing ‘Returns’
I’m a longtime reader and I enjoy learning about new movies. But I’m tired of all the speculation about how much money a film will make. Why is that the eternal question? What happened to films as interpretations of life or love? Your story about Superman Returns (”Greatest American Hero?”) primarily asked whether a profit can be made with such a bloated budget — only as a side note did you mention potential audience reaction. Why must the media that covers the world of film focus on money?
Nicole Bird

Good Will Hunting
Will Smith ”hasn’t had a credible hit song since 1991’s ‘Summertime”’ (News & Notes)? Do you consider ”Men in Black,” ”Just the Two of Us,” ”Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” and ”Miami” not credible? I’m not much of a Will Smith fan, truth be told, but knowing he’s had more-recent hits causes me to comment.
Jason Muth

Viral Virtuosos
What resonates in the hearts of the Internet populace is truly a crapshoot (”I Want to Be a Viral Video Star”). But if Jason Adams and Scott Brown haven’t hit keyboard nirvana just yet, I can assure them: Their video made me LMAO.
Ivan Kander
Waterford, Va.

Access Bollywood
Thanks for your story on Bollywood (News & Notes). I’ll take Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan over Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn any day.
Karri Hatch
Stow, Ohio

Save the ‘Lost’ Dance
I don’t want to have to look for clues online or buy books in order to figure out a television story line (”’Lost’ in the Web”). I barely have enough time to watch the show, let alone seek clues in every website, commercial, or magazine I come across. Let’s hope fans like me who don’t want to play these silly games won’t miss some important part of the story.
Patti Dziekan

‘Mission’ Statement
Thank you for giving Mission Hill a shout-out (What to Watch). In the past, insomnia has been my enemy, but thanks to Cartoon Network and TBS, those hysterical Mission Hill episodes help me cry myself to sleep (with laughter). So funny and sooo wrong. If any prematurely canceled cartoon series needed resurrecting, this is it!
Becki Schmuecker
Atkins, Iowa

Number of readers who thought Owen Gleiberman’s D+ for Nacho Libre was way too harsh.

Number of readers who protested our statement that Will Smith ”hasn’t had a credible hit song since 1991’s ‘Summertime.”’


Marty Mitchell of Richmond, Va., was wary of the new Man of Steel. But Superman Returns won her over — and inspired a 1,000-word missive touching on everything from her love of the movie (”Perfection on Film”) to a comparison of Lex Luthor and Supes to the Greek mythic figures Prometheus and Atlas. ”If every film were this well put-together,” she claims, ”I’d probably have fainting spells.”