''Big Brother: All-Stars'' evictee Alison tells Lynette Rice about why she went so early, who she thinks is a ''friggin' moron,'' and more

By Lynette Rice
Updated July 14, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Did you expect to be out this early?
ALISON Absolutely, because I’m good. And they are stupid if they have me stay.

What was your first mistake?
Going back to the house! I knew I was going to be first — it wasn’t even a shock. It wasn’t about mistakes this time; they’re gonna go after the big guns. Danielle, Will, and I are the top dogs right now.

You have to admit you made it easy for them to evict you by talking strategy almost immediately.
Yeah. Danielle came up with this awesome plan. I did the dirty work, and guess who got busted? Me.

Who did you think you had early alliances with?
Um…Nakomis and Diane, and that’s about it.

Do you really want us to believe you didn’t flirt with any of those guys? Girlfriend, I think I only saw you in a bikini, and it looks like you’re in the best shape ever. Why not use that to your advantage?
You know, that’s my boyfriend’s body — his and his only to deal with! It’s private property now.

How long have you been dating Jason?
A year and four months. We’re in Columbus, Ohio, but we’re moving to Orlando. He’s a doctor in sports medicine.

Marcellas compared you and Danielle to gonorrhea and the clap. Never mind they are the same thing.
I didn’t hear that! That’s funny, though. Oh God, it’s Marcellas. I could give two s—s about what he says. Please.

Tell me about the recruitment process. Were you one of the players whom CBS guaranteed entry to? If not, who were?
There were no guaranteed entries. If they wanted you back, you came back.

Do you know which former houseguests were approached but declined?
There were rumors, but I think it’s a bunch of s—. There are not too many people who wouldn’t do it. I think there were people who were approached, and they went through the interview process, tried out, and they just didn’t make the cut and they didn’t take it too well.

And what about that interview process — what did they ask you?
Why should you be an all-star? Why you over anyone else? What makes you stand out? There are 100 different contestants trying out for 14 positions. What would you do differently? And, Do you even want to play a game?, because they didn’t want people in there who were going to sit back and have a relaxing summer.

I was surprised more people from your year, BB4, didn’t get in.
Yeah, I was very shocked that Jun wasn’t in there. She was good. I thought it would have been fun to compete against her again.

Who in the house doesn’t deserve to be there?
Chicken George. He is the most annoying person I have ever met in my entire life. He’s a friggin’ moron. He might be the dumbest older man I ever met. It’s almost impossible to have a discussion with him. He really is a retard.

Julie called you on the carpet for your comments regarding Janelle. Did that embarrass you, or did you mean every word?
I was embarrassed that I said all those things, but it was pretty cool to have Julie Chen say ”fat-ass” on TV, because she’s very conservative. I mean, it’s all fun and games in the house when you’re stressed out and making fun of someone else, because humor relieves stress. But when [your words] are all taken out of context and put together in one sentence, you’re like, ”Oh God, I sound so evil!”

Dude, how do you take ”fat-ass” out of context?
[Laughs] It’s to relieve stress. I don’t really know how you take ”fat-ass” out of context.

You certainly got a last dig in at Janelle about gaining weight. You really don’t like her, do you?
I don’t know her as a person outside the house. I don’t think she’s a bad person. But I know she was competition — and I’m sorry, but I’m not going to like my competition.

Where do you see the natural alliances?
I think it’s all a bunch of crap. I think it’s all going to get torn apart in two weeks.

Who do you think Kaysar will nominate for eviction?
He might go for two options: either Danielle and Marcellas, or maybe Nakomis and Diane.

Why not Will and Boogie?
I think that Will and Boogie took their votes over to Danielle’s side [and evicted Alison instead] to kind of make a deal with the season 6 alliance, so I think Kaysar will honor that.

Who do you think stands a chance of winning?
I know who I would like to win: either Danielle or Diane.

What will you do next?
I have an awesome job as a medical sales rep. I’ll transfer that down to Orlando.

You did lose weight before coming into the house.
Honestly, it’s just about me and my boyfriend. We love to be outdoors, I walk the dog all the time, and I got rid of the beer-drinking weight from college.

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