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By Ken Tucker
Updated July 12, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Do you ever spend any of your own money for DVDs?

A couple of readers have written in to ask whether I buy many DVDs, as opposed to getting review copies sent to me. The real, and valid, question beneath this, I suspect, is whether I take part in the actual consumer decision to part with money for a good DVD I may discover without press-release prodding, or buy a lousy one I might feel ripped off by.

The answer is an enthusiastic yes. I particularly like to go through the bins and racks of cut-rate DVDs that can be found in places like drug stores and supermarkets. Right now I’m pretty taken with the fare put out by Alpha Video, a hodgepodge of old TV shows and on-the-cheap movies. Ever see Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, a 1957-58 TV series that co-starred John Hart and Lon Chaney Jr., as James Fenimore Cooper’s trapper and scout? It’s corny by today’s standards, but full of action and fun. You can also find campy stuff like 1945’s Hollywood and Vine, a breezy satire of show biz with the DVD box tagline, ”Rise & Fall in the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Hollywood!” There may not be gold in these hills of bargain DVDs, but there’s some amusing tinsel…

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