By Amy Ryan
Updated July 11, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

American Idol is like NBA basketball; seems like one season is barely over before the next begins. Today comes the announcement that auditions for Idol season 6 begin Aug. 8 in Los Angeles. Other cities producers will visit include San Antonio, Memphis, Seattle, East Rutherford (N.J.), and Birmingham — a no-brainer, since the Alabama city gave us Ruben, Bo, and Taylor.

USA Today also reports that producers hope to snag such celebrity guest coaches next season as Carole King (who started writing hit songs before Randy Jackson was a puppy) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (who’ll surely teach the finalists how to avoid falling chandeliers or sing while dressed head to toe in cat fur). No word on whether they’ll bring in anyone under the age of 60, who might have relevant advice on how to appeal to the audiences of, y’know, today, but it can’t hurt Idol‘s contestants or viewers to be reminded that pop wasn’t invented yesterday by Mariah Carey.