By Scott Brown
Updated July 11, 2006 at 10:44 PM EDT

There’s still money in that banana stand: Maebe says there’ll be an Arrested Development movie. Maybe.

Alia Shawkat (who played the ambiguously-monikered, super-jaded, movie-producing, cousin-kissing teen on the short-lived but much-beloved and altogether over-hyphenated Fox comedy) has the following to say about a possible AD leap to the big screen: “Mitch actually recently told us that there is a good possibility for a movie, and that he’s talking to Ron Howard about it.”

Well, they did end the show with a movie pitch to series producer/narrator Ron Howard. If they pulled it off, wouldn’t that, like, totally be the metaness to end all metanesses? No, that would be an Arrested Development movie about the Arrested Development movie, told from the perspective of the guy who’s programming Arrested Development: The Movie: The Videogame. (“Play as GOB. Play as Michael. Play as The Loose Seal.”)

In any case, my head will happily explode, and when it does, I promise to YouTube it for your enjoyment.