By Michael Slezak
Updated July 07, 2006 at 07:54 PM EDT

So a couple weeks ago, I hopped on board the bandwagon for Nobody’s Watching, a highly amusing, rejected sitcom pilot from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence that found an unexpected lease on life on YouTube. (You can catch the show, broken into three segments — and with brilliant cameos from Friends’ Gunther and Alan Thicke — here, here, and here.) Now, according to the New York Times, executives from NBC (which initially passed on the show), as well as ABC and Comedy Central, are taking a second look.

What’s really interesting to me about the Times piece (and thanks to TV Tattle for the heads up) are some of the details of Nobody’s Watching‘s journey from a favored prospect in The WB’s development roster to total TV toxicity, including the way test audiences began wondering if the show’s plot was too confusing — after screening organizers raised the issue for them. And almost as funny as the show itself is the way Lawrence describes how he and his partners wanted their agents to find the show a home after The WB passed on it, “only to have the agents begin to beg them not to make them mortify themselves that way.”

Anyhow, if I ruled the programming world, I’d put Nobody’s Watching on NBC, as part of a Thursday-night block with The Office, My Name Is Earl, and the promising 30 Rock. How and where would you schedule the show, providing that you think it’s worth picking up in the first place?