Should you buy The Jesus and Mary Chain reissues? -- We tell you whether the five enhanced albums are worth it

By Corey Seymour
Updated July 07, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Should you buy The Jesus and Mary Chain reissues?

Psychocandy (1985), their monumental debut featuring ”Just Like Honey” (yes, that song from Lost in Translation); Darklands (1987), their ”unplugged” follow-up; Automatic (1989), featuring ”Head On”; Honey’s Dead (1992), featuring ”Reverence” (which you may know better as ”I wanna die just like Jesus Christ”); and Stoned & Dethroned (1994).

Each separately-sold DualDisc contains a remastered version of the original album on one side, and an enhanced stereo mix on the other, along with three DVD videos of songs from that particular record (some of which are previously unavailable). The remastering is unobtrusive and crisp — if you can say that about the work of a band whose signature sound is an oceanic wall of feedback and distortion. What’s missing is an upgrade of JMC’s hard-to-find 1988 B-sides collection, Barbed Wire Kisses (with its Jan and Dean-noir ”Kill Surf City”). That’d be heaven.

Since there are few extras other than the attitude-laden videos, get these only if your stereo’s good enough to pick up the quality remastering and sound.