Rev Run looks back to 1984 -- What he says he was like in the early days of Run-DMC

By EW Staff
Updated July 07, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

The ordained star of MTV’s Run’s House harks back to 1984 and Run-DMC’s roots

I’m pretty innocent in this picture, I think. I can look right in my face and feel it like it was yesterday. We were in Hollis, back in Queens, 25th Street. I got my hat, my leather pants, I’m chillin’. I can tell you exactly what I was thinking: ”We made $2,000 apiece last night off of two shows. We’ve got more money for weed and beer. This is cool. Wow. ‘Sucker M.C.’s’ is a smash on the radio and ‘Rock Box’ is about to drop. This is crazy. Hit record. Whoa. Show tonight, a little nervous. Where we playing? The Roxy, maybe the Fever.” At that time, God made it so that nobody hated us. Maybe some old-school rappers did — I won’t say names. But it didn’t matter. I was like, ”I’m living at home. I’m rich. Okay? How about that?”