By Hannah Tucker
Updated July 07, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

+ According to Winona Ryder, she and Heathers scripter Daniel Waters — both at work on the dark comedy Sex and Death 101 — are drumming up a sequel to the 1989 cult classic. ”I’ve been [arguing], ‘There’s Heathers in the real world!”’ she says. ”We have to keep going!”’

+ Tilda Swinton has joined Phantasmagoria, a creepy take on Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll directed by, you guessed it — wait, no you haven’t — Marilyn Manson. ”It is a Jekyll and Hyde story,” says Manson, who also plays the splintered scribe.

+ Looks like Ray Romano could be returning to the small screen, as a billionaire with six months to live, in a comedy from 24‘s creators. HBO is in talks to air the show.

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Adam B. Vary)