When will season two of ''Twin Peaks'' hit DVD? Check out today's Ask the Critic question and post your own

By Ken Tucker
July 06, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
Twin Peaks: Kobal Collection

When will season two of ”Twin Peaks” hit DVD?

A number of you have written asking when season two of Twin Peaks would be released on DVD. Well, Paramount says it’ll be releasing the increasingly wacky, post-Who-Killed-Laura-Palmer season along with creator David Lynch’s slightly more coherent season one (which had been previously available a few years ago) together in one package, sometime later this year. Lynch is involved in the project, and it’ll contain some new, original features. What these might be is anyone’s guess, since no one’s talking and isn’t nearly every release called a ”Special Edition” these days?

But I, for one, hope that Lynch and Paramount don’t reveal too much behind the scenes stuff, or clarify too much of the dream-like narrative. This was one series that benefited more from its non-linear, surreal logic than by unknotting its many mysteries. (That’s one reason I always liked the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me, so much — I was confused, but happily so, utterly engaged by Lynch’s excellent updating of Dada and classical Surrealist narrative filmmaking.) Unlike Lost conspiracy theorists, I don’t want all the mysteries ”explained” to me about every TV show, and Twin Peaks was definitely enhanced by its languid mysteriousness. I haven’t watched the second season since it first aired over a decade ago, and look forward to seeing how well or poorly it holds up.

Do you disagree with my some-mysteries-should-remain-mysterious position? What plot lines would you like to see explained in the DVD extras? Either write or beam your thoughts to me and I will drink an Agent Dale Cooper-strong cup of black coffee and try and hone in on the messages you transmit.

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