By Scott Brown
Updated July 05, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ben Stiller’s schedule is beginning to resemble Jack Bauer’s. According to IMDb, he’s linked to four projects in pre-production, three more in post, one finished for 2006 and another announced. One’s a Farrelly Bros. remake of The Heartbreak Kid called the The Seven Day Itch. One has the best IMDb plot outline ever. And one appears to based on the crazy life of one Ben Stiller, which gets even crazier when a lookalike takes over his existence. Today, we hear he’s continued mining story ideas close to home, producing a new pilot for CBS, <a href=”
“>based on his wife Christine Taylor’s life. Is it telling that Stiller himself plays only an occasional supporting role?

Ben Stiller, you’ve made your point. You’re a funny guy, and you’ve secured a spot among the most influential comedians of the age. Now go home. We release you from duty. Hug your kids; sleep with your wife. Shoot it as a single-camera and put it on TV, if you like, but let someone else produce. You need a break. And maybe a hobby — I find mosaic tiling very soothing myself. Or just watch TV. Chances are, you’re on. And if you’re not, just slip this in the machine: the best thing you ever directed, for my money.

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