By Scott Brown
Updated June 29, 2006 at 08:12 PM EDT

We have a Timothy Leary, ladies and gentleman: Leonardo DiCaprio has passed the acid test. Or, at least, his company has bought the project.

When this Craig Lucas-penned biopic of the LSD revolutionary was announced, PopWatch put up a casting item, and one of you suggested Randy Quaid. Well, it seems they’ve gone in the opposite direction, much to my chagrin. Not that Leo isn’t a fine actor — he most certainly is. But, if The Aviator is any indication, I’m going to have a little trouble getting past his Leonine corona and hooking into the character.

Of course, this is all assuming Leo stars. He may only produce. In other words, Randy Quaid still has a shot. But considering the movie covers two-plus decades of the young Leary’s life, I’d say he’s in dire straits.

(The silly YouTube free-association stops here. Seriously. I swear. All links will hereafter emanate exclusively from The Wall Street Journal.)

addCredit(“Leonardo DiCaprio: Peter Kramer/Getty Images”)