By Amy Ryan
Updated June 28, 2006 at 07:53 PM EDT
Credit: Boy George: Michael Putland/Retna

Stars’ behavior gets them into legal trouble all the time, but this week’s stories have been particularly juicy. Which of the following celebs do you think is most embarrassed by recent headlines?

A. Rush Limbaugh, detained for three hours at a Florida airport Monday when customs officers found a prescription bottle of Viagra that didn’t have his name on it. (Best headline: the New York Daily News’ ”Viagra holds up Limbaugh for three hours.”)

B. Axl Rose, briefly jailed and fined for biting a Stockholm hotel security guard in the leg. (Best headline: E! Online’s ”Axl Takes a Bite Into Crime.”)

C. Boy George (pictured back in the day), threatened with jail time and scolded by a New York judge for ducking community service because he wanted to do something less public and less humiliating than raking leaves. (Best headline: the Associated Press’ ”Things are picking up for Boy George.”)

D. Naomi Campbell appears in a New York court to face charges that she hurled a cell phone at a maid over a lost pair of pants. (Best headline: Melbourne Herald Sun’s ”Naomi’s in trouble — it’s all in the jeans.”)

(See Gary’s pick is after the jump…)

Regarding A., whether or not Limbaugh was medically authorized to carryhis pleasure pills, you’d think it would be embarrassing for a man witha well-publicized legal history surrounding his prescription drugabuse, a thrice-divorced advocate of traditional morality, to be caughttaking a bottle of Viagra on vacation. But the radio host apparentlyfelt no shame, managing to turn his incident into a blame-Clinton jokeon his show yesterday.

Nor does Campbell seem to feel any shameregarding D. Outside the courthouse, she reportedly said, ”I may havebeen naughty, but I’m darned if I’m sorry.” And why should she be,when the New York Daily Newsturns her eight-minute court appearance into a four-article package,with headlines like ”Naughty Naomi’s Slammer Glamour”?

As for C., BoyGeorge will get over his leaf-raking shyness when he actually does hiscommunity service and realizes that no one recognizes him anymore.

Sothe winner is B., another incident that makes Rose look more like adesperate has-been than a comeback rocker with a much-anticipated newalbum coming out… someday. At least biting a Swedish guard isslightly less humiliating than brawling with Tommy Hilfiger.