By Scott Brown
Updated June 28, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

So I, uh, looked at these pictures. And somehow… I don’t feel like a vegetarian anymore. Don’t know why that is, but it’s bothering me.

By now, I should be inured to the Meat Parade that is Spearsiana. It’s not like this is the first time Brit’s posed in the nearly nude. It’s not even the first time she’s posed pregnant. As for this new sexy-pregnant direction she’s taking: One could argue her career itself has been a merry chase through every phase of implied porn, from jailbait to Marilyn and back.

Yet I find myself thinking fondly of Demi Moore, and how she managed to pull this off with such comparative style 15 years ago. Aesthetically (and I use the term loosely), there’s just something… off here. Something a photographer or an editor should’ve caught. Unless, as I suspect, the intention was to humiliate and degrade… the reader. Oogies. Just look at these. They’re the pregnant popstar equivalent of Burt Reynolds on the bearskin rug.

Still, these pics aren’t the most disturbing thing I’ve seen today. That honor goes to this (thanks, I think, to Gawker).