By Michael Slezak
Updated June 21, 2006 at 06:03 PM EDT
Christina Aguilera

Say what you want about Christina Aguilera’s new single, “Ain’t No Other Man” (although, frankly, you should just admit it’s frackin’ genius), but even haters are going to be hard-pressed to find fault with the accompanying video that got leaked on YouTube yesterday. (Click here to see if it’s still up.)

The clip leaves the singer’s men’s-room-romping, chaps-sporting Xtina alter ego in the past, and reimagines her as jazz-club chanteuse Baby Jane, who rocks seven classy-sexy looks in just under five minutes, each more flawless than the one before it (especially that final silver dress and gizzorgeously wild mane). The choreography is at once modern and totally in keeping with the whole Cotton Club vibe brought to life by director Bryan Barber, and just as important, Christina looks like she’s having a blast throughout.

Not that I’m trying to incite another PopWatch diva fanwar, but this certainly raises the stakes for Xtina’s pop-chart competition. I’m pretty confident Beyonce’s new all-girl band — what should she call ’em, the Bugaboos? — will keep her right alongside Aguilera, but I can’t say the same for Britney Spears after hearing a new snippet of music that just got posted on her official website — under the ”Love B” section (thanks to Pink Is The New Blog for pointing it out). I’m not even going to dignify the jank beats by discussing them, but I will say Britney might want to consult a high-school English teacher the next time she writes a lyric — “They’re not believin’ what they’re seein’/ ‘Cause you’re rebellion.” Um, WHA? (And no, I didn’t forget to include Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” in the mix, I just didn’t think she was ever really in the game to begin with. Suh-nap!)

But enough of my rambling, what do you think of the “Ain’t No Other Man” video?