By Amy Ryan
Updated June 20, 2006 at 06:01 PM EDT

Adam Sandler’s life-pausing remote control in Click inspires a funny list from MTV News: the top 10 movie gadgets of all time. Along with several James Bond doo-dads, the list is also clever enough to include Rodney Dangerfield’s golf bag from Caddyshack and Steve Martin’s nose-gripping eyeglasses clamp from The Jerk. And it’s hard to argue with the top pick, Star Wars‘ lightsaber. Still, so much seems to be missing. Where’s Wonkavision? Or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Or the instant-Fortress-of-Solitude crystal from Superman (just add polar ice water)? Or Sleeper‘s orgasmatron? Ah, the movies of my childhood.

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