By Scott Brown
Updated June 16, 2006 at 07:49 PM EDT

How? you ask. Well, it’s really very simple. Just watch this <a href=” mannequin
“>viral video I made with EW senior editor Jason Adams and video artist/samurai Jason Averett. It’s called “Cheater!” (or “Whose Leg is this?” on Google Video) and, boy, oh boy, it’s got a mannequin in it! And my kitchen! And me, being spontaneously un-funny! Critics call it “cynically overproduced” and say it “reeks of effort.” And if there’s one lesson we can take from the summer so far, it’s this: When the critics hate something, that means it’s going to hit big.

Oh, and as long I’m shamelessly plugging: You might want to read this article Jason and I wrote about our quest to become viral-video stars. It’ll also be in this week’s print magazine. What’s a “print magazine,” you ask? Well, it’s like having the Internet in your hand — not the whole Internet, just a tiny, tiny part of it.

Any-hoo, the story recounts our efforts (Jason’s and mine) to custom-design a web short to “go viral.” Turned out to be harder than we expected, trapped as we were between the company lawyers and my limited acting skills. In the middle of writing the story, Brookers landed her big Carson Daly deal. The only offers we were getting came in the form of email offering “chaep as free cialis viagra girls n’ goats,” and we were getting those before the video went live.

Point is, I’m still not superultramegafamous. I won’t be walking down the red carpet at the ‘Tubies anytime soon. So I get to stay here with y’all — my real friends. In a bit, I may put up a video of me, in my underwear, crooning a forlorn and downbeat version of “Bootylicious.” I expect only positive comments. I am very fragile today.

(sigh) At least Jason got a new friend out of it.