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By EW Staff
June 16, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Thumbs ‘Up’
Despite your harsh review, I saw The Break-Up and enjoyed it. I found the humor witty (yet realistic), and the chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn was inspired. Also, I enjoyed the piece by Joshua Rich (”Breaking Up Is Fun to Do”) and the captivating photos by Gavin Bond. While breaking up is hard to do, this onscreen duo made it look easy!
Carmen Albuerne

Harry Dean’s List
Thanks for the great article on Harry Dean Stanton (”Wild at Heart”). I have been a fan of his for years and have always found him to be a quiet, brilliant presence in any film or music video he shows up in. His non-Hollywood persona is extremely refreshing.
Madeline Crane
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Could I please ask you not to put half-naked seniors in your pages? And can I get that in writing?
Jessica Milisci
Holiday, Fla.

Unhappily ‘Ever’ After
Kudos for recognizing Buffy the Vampire Slayer (”R.I.P. The WB”) — not only a great WB moment but a great TV moment. But Everwood canceled? The CW needs to learn from the Buffy saga that stellar writing, combined with teen themes and adult appeal, makes for TV greatness. UPN gave Buffy a new life. By not doing the same for Everwood, The CW is overlooking its own best chance to build a loyal audience.
Emily and Pat Kelleher
South Boston, Mass.

Death Wish
I’m so glad you brought back the Summer Movie Body Count (News & Notes). I know it might be a bit morbid, but I love it! It is so indicative of how you cover every aspect of entertainment, and is a great comment on how violent movies can be. I hope you devote some more space to it in the magazine.
Anne Northgraves
Millis, Mass.

‘Stand’ Delivers
I’m so disappointed in your X-Men review (Movies). The Last Stand hearkens back to the comics, showcasing the characters’ personalities and their powers. As for Wolverine kicking the mutant in the groin? Seems like a clever solution to the problem of a mutant who also possesses super-healing powers: Kick him where it’ll hurt the most.
Melanie Manning
Corvallis, Ore.

Little Love
Mr. King, thank you for recognizing Bentley Little (”The Summer Book Awards”). His work is some of the best in the horror genre. To see his name in print put a much-needed evil grin on my face.
Bill Ellis

In our #880/881 Graceland feature (”The Original American Idol”), the photo on page 107 was not taken on the Graceland property, but in a gift shop elsewhere on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Number of readers floored by The CW execs’ decision not to pick up Everwood

Number of readers galled by the full-page shot of a ”crucified” Madonna on our Contents page

”I have to thank EW for giving me the sexiest pinup since Burt Reynolds,” writes Christian Olson of Chicago. Of course, he’s talking about Harry Dean Stanton. ”Forget Brad, Matt, and George,” he says dismissively of these hunks du jour — the 80-year-old star of more than 150 movies and TV shows ”is the very epitome of ‘sexy’ in my book.” His e-mail is the very epitome of ”freaky” in ours.