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The ultimate source for viral videos, from dancing babies to Brokeback spoofs and beyond.

Top picks of co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen:
An original interactive system that suggests new music based on visitors’ preexiting tastes.
Internet radio station featuring rising artists such as Thee Emergency.
Connecting users with others who share the same music interests.
A reliable music database of albums and songs by artists ranging from Gnarls Barkley to Shakira.

Top picks of AllMusic’s editorial staff, as polled by Chris Woodstra, VP of content development:
The self-proclaimed ”Farmer’s Almanac of Celebrity Worth” keeps tabs on famous folks.
A blog for MP3 fans, spanning a wide variety of music, from pop to funk.
A hilarious and smart webcomic for gamers.

Internet Movie Database (
The unofficial bible of the entertainment world, and also the best way to cheat at the Kevin Bacon game.

Top picks of managing director Col Needham:
National Public Radio (
”The radio station that’s always erudite but with a sense of whimsy,” explains Needham.
The veddy British fanboy’s movie magazine.
Nuggets of industry news and dirt from Tinseltown.
Think of it as a one-stop resource for summaries of film, DVD, television, book, game, and music reviews from various outlets.

Top picks of cofounder and music/TV editor Jason Dietz:
A TV site with a boggling amount of news items.
A consistently well-written music-review site.
One of the top videogame websites featuring an array of timely previews, reviews, and expo news.
A blog of TV news and criticism, plus postings on development deals and eulogies of shows like the late, lamented ”Everwood.”

Top picks of editor Norman Weiss:
Idol Chatter (
Nothing to do with the Fox show — rather, a blog about religious aspects of TV and movies.
Pop-music commentary from a British perspective.
Pop culture with a scientific and tech bent.
Nobody does snarky Hollywood gossip like these bloggers, who recently influenced the artwork for ”Snakes on a Plane.”

Top picks of editor Mark Lisanti:
Rosie O’Donnell’s Blog (
Hopefully, Rosie will continue to blog from the couch on ‘The View.’
The definitive source for photos of the ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ director.
Just pictures of celebrities eating. That’s it. Really.
Smart literary observations, anecdotes, and occasional excerpts (”The Missionary Position,” Laila Lalami’s essay on Muslim women).

Top picks of founder Rebecca ”Maud” Newton:
Cultural commentary.
No Rock & Roll Fun (
A site skewers ”insufferable” music personalities from Hanson to Bono.
An anonymous blogger’s biting rants on music, etc. ”Imagine the offspring of Fran Lebowitz and a bitter queen,” says Newton.
It’s either a collection of insightful music criticism or mean-spirited reviews, but either way, the Chicago-based site is a tastemaker.

Top picks of managing editor Scott Plagenhoef:
A hub for film critics that challenges the notion that Internet-based cultural criticism is amateurish.
A user-generated database deconstructing the world of music genres.
Wonderland (
An insightful gaming blog from BBC’s Alice Taylor.
This comics news site reports and reviews the latest releases, movie tie-ins, and industry happenings.

Top picks of editor in chief Matt Brady:
A walking encyclopedia about comics.
For hardcore Disney fans, a site that covers the Florida theme parks 24/7.
”Urban Legend” episodes — including videos, photos, and paintings of purported supernatural phenomena — that stand up to repeat viewings.
Tired of unsubstantiated celeb gossip? PEOPLE’s website broke the news of Suri Cruise’s birth and posted the first pics of Brangelina’s spawn, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

Top picks of PEOPLE online editor Mark Bautz:
The best source of national concert listings, broken down by venue.
The greatest performer of the rock era is taken seriously on this site.
A solid aggregator of celebrity news.
The veteran humor mag.

Top picks of The Onion’s staff, from managing editor Peter Koechley:
The reMARKable Site (
A longtime comic’s official website, with regularly updated ”ramblings.”

T. Herman Zweibel Memorial Historical Archive
Onion publisher emeritus Zweibel’s whimsy.
America’s CryptoKids
On the National Security Agency’s site, educational games featuring cartoon code-breaking animals.
Saucy attacks on celeb fashion foibles with annotations of red-carpet pics of Lindsay Lohan, etc.

Top picks of founders Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks:
Snarkfest (
A popular forum for rants against celebrities.
The Dregulator (
The master of literate smackdowns, Cintra Wilson scours the tabloids and skewers stars.
Bright, barbed writing, plus juicy blind items.

Ain’t It Cool News (
An unabashedly geeky source for movie news that recently made Brett Ratner fret by criticizing ”X-Men: The Last Stand” from a fanboy perspective.

Top picks of ”headgeek” Harry Knowles:
The best online tracker of box office tallies, both foreign and domestic.
Studios’ release schedules for the next two years.
Social networking, plus a home for tunes by rising bands like the Submarines.
Get the lowdown on fave shows, from ”24” to ”Desperate Housewives,” in witty recaps.

Top picks of cofounders Sarah D. Bunting, Tara Ariano, and David T. Cole:
Blog of a Bookslut
Guide to lit-world scandals.
Pop Culture Junk Mail (
The blog of a ”Facts of Life”-obsessed entertainment editor at MSNBC.
Beware of the Blog (
New Jersey’s cult free-form radio station kicks it.
For all those ”indie yuppies” keeping tabs on hot bands, upcoming concerts, and the occasional movie star.

Top picks of founder Scott Stereogum:
When Paris Hilton does something stupid, TMZ is there.
Links to hundreds of thousands of blog postings about MP3s.
The Hype Machine (
A site listing the most recently discussed MP3 tracks on various blogs.
A collection of cartoon shorts, e-mails, and inane games starring the animated antics of Strong Bad and Homestar.

Top picks of founders Mike and Matt Chapman:
Hate the glut of online entertainment? Users not only submit videos, but vote off the clunkers.
Schrab makes cooler F/X with cardboard than Industrial Light & Magic, and posts it for free.
Schofield’s inventive music videos have edge.

AOL Music (
A giant music site and Mac-friendly destination for music videos, including exclusive scenes from Bruce Springsteen’s tour.

Top picks of Eric Flannigan, VP of AOL Music, Movies & TV:
The best source for album release dates.
Internet Archive (
Defunct websites like Mr live on here.
Pink Is the New Blog (
It’s not about the celeb pics, but the commentary.
The TV-obsessed site, which boasts ”expanded coverage” of shows like ”Real World” and ”American Idol,” broke one of the first souped-up videos of Tom Cruise on ”Oprah.”

Top picks of cofounders Joe ”J-Unit” Fahs and Ben ”B-Side” Mandelker:
Always a great source for reality-TV gossip.
VH1’s hilarious pop-culture show has an equally impressive blog.
One of the best ways to check out film reviews.
This DVD-centric site posts release dates, reviews discs, and details bonus and promo materials.

Top picks of editor Bill Hunt:
Engage with other fans of Cartoon Network’s late-night programming by playing games and posting on message boards.
Missed today’s ”Dilbert” or ”Get Fuzzy”? Catch up on the latest comic strips here.
”Daily Show” regular John Hodgman’s very strange body of work is online.
This constantly updating blog for hardcore videogamers offers the latest buzz on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Top picks of managing editor Christopher Grant:
How is an encyclopedia an entertainment site? Consider the 2,000-word entry on the videogame ”Legend of Zelda.”
For truly avid gamers, gaming legislation is a serious concern.
Consider this the videogame version of YouTube.
A Detroit-based guy blogs about sports, movies, music, and TV with zing (”So dark the con of Vanegas”) and raunchy slang (”douchebagalows”).

Top picks of founder Mark ”Uncle Grambo” Graham:
Celebrity snark from Atlanta can be just as juicy as bicoastal gossip.
A young woman enthuses over new bands.
Baseball Card Blog (
Go ahead, indulge your inner fifth grader.
Up-to-the-minute postings of recent movie trailers and exclusive clips (like ”Nacho Libre”) and a convivial tone.

Top picks of founder Berge Garabedian:
This movie fansite goes the extra mile with trailers, interviews (”Cars”’ Paul Newman), and more.
Everything you wanted to know about the venerable Chicago critic.
The ultimate site for finding movie screenplays.
Witty pop-culture coverage, from critiques of Beyonce’s iTunes picks to ”why Tom Cruise should disappear for a year.”

Top picks from deputy culture editor Bryan Curtis:
About Last Night
Terry Teachout’s erudite theater and arts blog.
A Vanity Fair editor’s pop-culture analysis.
Arts & Letters Daily
Curtis says the site ”catalogs every piece of high-brow culture criticism.”
Theater hub with news, photos, and interviews with stars like Taye Diggs.

Top picks of editor in chief Paul Wontorek:
Internet Broadway Database
Find out which movie hunk made his musical debut in 1971 beside Peter Allen (Richard Gere).
”La Dolce Musto” on
Michael Musto’s weekly column chews on the latest New York gossip.
One-stop shopping for theater news and features.
The raunchy blog by the ”queen of all media” was one of the first to dish about Ashlee Simpson’s alleged ”new face,” complete with before-and-after comparisons.

Top picks of founder Hilton (a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira):
Despite recent scandals, the New York Post’s gossip column is a must-read.
”It looks prettier than MySpace,” Hilton maintains. ”Plus, there are fewer fake celebrities!”
Even big mags blog now.

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