Are they actors or are they rappers? -- We choose the right career path for Will Smith, Diddy, and others

By Margeaux Watson
June 16, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Will Smith’s recent film deals remind us that not all rapper-actors excel at both gigs. So we recommend they make a choice…

ACTOR Will Smith
One of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, he hasn’t had a credible hit song since 1991’s ”Summertime.”

RAPPER Snoop Dogg
Sure, Snoop was terrific in Training Day, but how can we forget Bones? Or Soul Plane? Or The Wash…?

ACTOR Queen Latifah
Last CD: jazz. Plus, she was a marvel in Chicago, and we have faith she’ll quit making stinky comedies like Taxi.

NEITHER Diddy Self-promotion doesn’t unstiffen acting (Monster’s Ball) or fix dubious rapping.