By Scott Brown
Updated June 14, 2006 at 09:04 PM EDT
Credit: Eminem: Barry Brecheisen/

Did someone ask: Will the Real Slim Shady please remake Have Gun, Will Travel as a feature film? I don’t think so, but it’s happening anyway.

Who knew Marshall Mathers was a closet Richard Boone fan? But don’t expect a dusty Western; they’re updating it so the story revolves around a modern bounty hunter. Too bad. I’d have liked to see Em strap on a sixer and a sarape.

So it’s official. He’s an Emin-actor. Shady showed some serious chops in 8 Mile, so it’s not exactly unwelcome. Still, I’d advise him to beware the sophomore outing. Remember The Care Bears Movie 2? It got a long, censurious Care Bear Stare from the the American public. Everyone was like: Go back to Care-a-Lot; stick with what you know.

Insta-poll time, people! Eminem: Classic Cowboy or Eminem: Modern Cowboy? (Feel free to write in Eminem: Care Bear.)

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