By Lynette Rice
Updated June 14, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

As celebrity memoirists go, Lorraine Bracco proves that even gifted actresses can make stupid choices in men. The Sopranos star had kids with both an ”emotionally absent” French hairdresser and Harvey Keitel, whom she accuses of multiday cocaine benders and ”flammable” rage (once, when she dropped off their daughter for a visit, she recalls, ”he started shaking me, screaming obscenities…. I was afraid he would hit me”). On the Couch is a self-deprecating, all-too candid, and quick read in which Bracco extols the benefits of ”self-discovery and growth.” But airing so much salacious family laundry — even if her daughters are now in their 20s — seems like a strange way to achieve it.