In our continuing quest to bring you every scrap of Spider-crap we can scrounge up, we give you these images from the shoot — which is, at the moment, still in New York. The caption for that first one might read, “Does this Spider-suit make my ass look fat?” The answer, oddly, is yes. But “Spider-ass” is simply another arachnoid attribute he’s inherited. And he got off easy. Look at the junk in the trunk on this dude. And you wouldn’t want to find one of these in your sleeping bag.

But we can do better than static fan pics, people. There’s video too! <a href=”
“>Actual moving pictures! In this incredibly revealing clip, it’s revealed that, um, that people really seem to like Spider-Man. And that’s a bit of a revelation, I suppose: After feeling put-upon and unloved for most of Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker’s finally getting the bouquets he wanted. And here comes Venom to screw all that up. Venom! You stinker! You want to kick my man’s ass? Be warned, bucko: There’s a lot to kick.

Spider-Man 3
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  • 139 minutes