June 12, 2006 at 09:59 PM EDT

Overheard at PopWatch HQ this morning:

editor1 (12:06:21 PM): Hey! Good news: The sanctity of marriage has been restored. Britney has declared to Matt Lauer that her marriage to Kevin is “awesome!”

editor2 (12:07:17 PM): Well, it’s a good thing she’s happy at home — seeing as I doubt she’ll ever work again

editor1 (12:08:29 PM): Seriously? I thought this “announcement” was just another step in her slow crawl back toward the limelight?

editor2 (12:09:20 PM): But Mike — her baby is her religion!

editor2 (12:09:40 PM): And she’s got another one on the way

editor1 (12:09:51 PM): I was just about, “That’s bab-ies!”

editor2 (12:10:02 PM): Plus, the way she looks when she goes out lately — the opposite of glamorous — I just feel like the poor darlin’ isn’t interested in fame anymore

editor1 (12:10:41 PM): But then why not pack the brood up and head to the Louisiana bayou? N.Y. and L.A. aren’t exactly the places to stay anonymous. And how can we stop judging her singing and her marriage and her parenting skills if she won’t go away?

editor2 (12:11:55 PM): I said Britney‘s not interested in fame anymore — you forgot about K. Fed.

editor2 (12:11:59 PM): “Popozão,” yo!

editor1 (12:12:21 PM): Ah, so you think she’s staying in the spotlight so K. Fed. can kick it one time?

editor2 (12:12:42 PM): That’s my theory

editor1 (12:13:59 PM): Hmmm… interesting. But I just don’t buy that she’d allow “Do Somethin” to be her last “hit” single. Britney ain’t goin’ out like that!

editor2 (12:15:21 PM): You’d also think she wouldn’t be goin’ out with no shoes on — but there you have it…

editor1 (12:18:15 PM):  Hmmm. She did tell Matt Lauer she’s an “emotional wreck right now.” But maybe Emotional Wreck is just the logical continuation of Naughty Schoolgirl, Snake Wrestler, and Vixen Flight Attendant?

editor2 (12:19:36 PM): Only time will tell.

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