By Michael Slezak
Updated June 12, 2006 at 07:59 PM EDT

Behold: The next ubiquitous viral video (it was even on AOL’s Welcome Screen this morning) is comedian Judson Laipply’s “The Evolution of Dance.” There’s nothing revolutionary about Laipply’s faithful renditions of popular dances set to “Mr. Roboto,” “Cant Touch This,” and “Cotton Eye Joe,” but strung together, he captures both the winning ridiculousness of modern boogie crazes, and that certain brand of feel-good nostalgia that’s usually only experienced during really raucous wedding receptions. I’m not sure if the six-minute clip will land Laipply a much-deserved guest spot on a Dancing With the Stars results show, or maybe a job as choreographer for Taylor Hicks’ inevitable concert tour, but I hope something positive comes out of his reminder that it’s never too early in the day to… get out your seat and jump around! (Jump around!)