June 09, 2006 at 06:39 PM EDT

Most folks in the publishing industry will tell you it’s easier to write a funny headline for a scathing article than for a rave, and the abundance of tired ”enjoy the ride” ”and ”gear” clichés in this morning’s mostly positive reviews of Pixar’s latest animated release, Cars, drives that point home. That said, a few publications revved up their games this morning, proving their editors and writers are still punning like well-oiled machines. Here are my picks for the five best Cars headlines; if you see something better in your hometown paper, do share with the class.

5. Ohio Free Times: An Auto-matic Success
4. Star-Telegram: Vroom with a view
3. New York Post: Dude, here’s your car
2. Indianapolis Star: ‘Cars’ is a movie all auto enjoy
1. Washington Post: Young and Fuelish

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