June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Princess Bride: Dread Pirate Edition

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We gave it a C

Once upon a time, MGM honored Rob Reiner’s swashbuckling fairy tale with a first-rate special edition. In it, vengeful swordsman Mandy Patinkin praised the film as ”the Wizard of Oz of our generation,” Dread Pirate Cary Elwes shared his on-set video diary, and everyone spoke fondly of the late Andre the Giant (the rhyming Fezzik). Nearly five years later, the studio is attempting a six-finger discount by releasing not one, but two more special editions. Calm down, friends of Florin. MGM is most certainly blaving (which, as we all know, means ”bluffing”): Except for the physical packaging, the editions are identical. Unfortunately, they’re also nearly identical to the 2001 offering. Reiner recalls in his repeat commentary how even the Mafia loved the movie, and screenwriter William Goldman drifts into adroit Hollywood observations in his. Toss in three recycled featurettes, even the excellent ”As You Wish,” and we’re talking serious déjà view. Inconceivable. What is new? A bland historical analysis of the Dread Pirate Roberts and a ”Love Is Like a Storybook Story” featurette with pontificating academics. Both are must-sees only for Ph.D.’s in Shrekology. Aspiring princesses and pirates might prefer ”The Quotable Battle of Wits” trivia game, but even if they win, they’ll regret committing one of the classic blunders (no, not a land war in Asia): expecting the A film they fell in love with to get the new edition it deserves, rather than The Princess Bride: Dread Pirate and Buttercup Editions largely redundant efforts that merit only a C.

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