June 09, 2006 at 02:00 PM EDT

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since Entertainment Weekly entered the blogosphere. Let’s look back on some of our finest moments, shall we?

The story: R. Kelly: Making music is fun, easy (July 7, 2005)

The backstory: Were you as confused by R. Kelly’s multipart “urban opera” “Trapped in the Closet” as we all were? Is it about sexual politics? Sexual identity? Gun control? Police brutality? The rights of little people? Was it supposed to be theater? Was it supposed to be music? Was it supposed to be, you know, good? Whatever it was (cough, masturbatory, ill-conceived pile of crap), it spoke to Slezak in a most profound way. Which inspired him to pen a little ditty, God help us.

(We’ll post a new fond memory every day until June 13, PopWatch’s official birthday. If you have a favorite, post it below.)

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