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By EW Staff
Updated June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

‘Stand’ Backlash
I was excited to see your X-Men cover, which touted ”everything you need to know about The Last Stand.” Imagine my disappointment upon finding an article (”Master of the Mutants”) about Brett Ratner’s charmed life and adventures with Hollywood starlets. How cruel of you to tease fans with a Wolverine and Storm cover to promote an article on one of the worst directors working today. Fans and the X-Men name deserve better.
Jason Ainsworth
Gulfport, Miss.

Critic Cornered
Ken Tucker’s article about American Idol (News & Notes) claims that ”[Simon] Cowell is, give or take Roger Ebert, the only true critic on television.” I’ll take Ebert. The ”criticism” on Idol is so lightweight; the artists deserve better, and I think Cowell would have more interesting things to say were he given time to elaborate.
Paul Preston
North Hollywood, Calif.

Sites for Sore Ears
I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your Summer Music Preview issue, especially the feature on the 25 best music websites. As a music enthusiast and a contributing writer for a music webzine, I am always on the lookout for more resources to help me find the latest and greatest. Plus, I was thrilled to see you feature several of my favorite sites:,, and Rock on!
Anna Gazdowicz
Berkeley, Calif.

Thank you for mentioning as one of the 25 best music sites in your Summer Music Preview. Even though it has been vilified by some, MySpace is still one of the best ways to check out a variety of indie bands. Where else could you find such an eclectic mix that includes both Electric Sugar and Kari Nations?
Patty McGregor
Beverly, Mass.

The Brat Pack
I am a longtime subscriber to EW, but an even longer subscriber to my own hatred of MTV. I think the once-powerful music entertainment channel has gone downhill by airing a ton of painfully obvious scripted shows about dating and ”real worlds.” So I was pleased to read Gillian Flynn’s article (Television) about two of the worst, Tiara Girls and My Super Sweet Sixteen. No one needs to see such whiny, spoiled brats receive even more riches to celebrate a birthday. These girls need to be taught a lesson on how the actual real world is outside of their pathetic way of life. And MTV needs to realize that programs like these just dumb down the already feebleminded youth of America today.
Jessica Tholmer
Bellingham, Wash.

HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher is resuming its fourth season this August (#880/881, Summer TV Preview).

Number of readers who felt that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine hairdo on the cover is ”a dead ringer” for Faye Dunaway’s coiffure in a Mommie Dearest ad a few pages away

Number of readers who are tired of reading about American Idol


Rose Milholland of Randallstown, Md., was a big fan of CSI. And it doesn’t take a forensic expert to see that a crime has been committed. ”The choppy and boring story lines are making it hard to continue to watch,” complains Rose, who had major problems with the finale. The ”one good thing”: She says she lost 10 pounds, as the show’s ending ”made me so sick I didn’t eat for four days.”