June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW picks four films for Father?s Day

The Dirty Dozen
The classic ensemble action film, in which director Robert Aldrich combined patriotism with melting-pot individualism. Watch Marvin whip a bunch of convicts into a Nazi-fighting machine; enjoy acting styles ranging from John Cassavetes’ Method madness to Jim Brown’s elegant athleticism.

The Seven-Ups
This thriller about undercover cops, directed by French Connection producer Philip D’Antoni, features a spectacular set piece: a car chase through Manhattan onto the George Washington Bridge that rivals any auto mayhem put on screen, including Connection‘s speed-demon driving.

Casualties of War
Brian De Palma’s underrated exploration of the tortuous moral questions surrounding the Vietnam War. Fox, in his best screen role, holds his own opposite Penn as grunts under fire; the screenplay by playwright (and vet) David Rabe is both thoughtful and action-packed.

Con Air
This new extended edition is a lower-down Dirty Dozen. Nic Cage is no Lee Marvin, but for wild action scenes, over-the-top villainy from the likes of John Malkovich, and big-bang explosions courtesy of producer Jerry Bruckheimer, this blockbuster is lots of good, loud fun.

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