June 09, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Seems like yesterday I posted a slightly triumphal entry on the <a href=”http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2006/05/no_trix_chix_al.html
“>Dixie Chicks’ resurgence, with the assumption (shared by many in the media) that “middle America” (whatever that is) had welcomed the Chicks back to the nest after The Great Unpleasantness of ’03.

It seems that I (and others like me) may have spoken too soon. While their album continues atop the charts (despite the end of their media campaign), something funny’s happening with the tour. Shows in St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and Memphis have been pulled. Other shows are being added… but mostly outside U.S. borders. The schedule is being “reshuffled,” and nothing’s certain yet. But something is clearly up.

Buying an album is one thing; attending a concert is another. As our very own message boards seem to indicate, the wounds have not healed. What gives, America? You not ready to make nice, either?

That’s why I’m offering my office as neutral ground where America and the Dixie Chicks can sit down and iron out their differences. I’ve got a Nerf football, a talking Travolta doll, and a bunch of delivery menus. We’ll have everything ironed out in no time. Let’s settle this like adults. We’ve all seen The Sopranos. Nobody wants a war. I mean, unless we do. I’m not taking sides here.

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