June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

In April of 2005, word-of-mouth comedian phenom and MySpace icon Dane Cook embarked upon a 30-day bus tour he called ”Tourgasm.” He brought along three fellow comics — Gary Gulman, Robert ”Bobby” Kelly, and Jay Davis — and proceeded to barnstorm across the nation’s college-event circuit while capturing every moment of the madness on camera. Somehow, what started as little more than an ambitious — okay, very ambitious — home video project has since been picked up by HBO for nine episodes (beginning June 11). It shows the guys in all their dude-like glory: crashing scooters, riding horses, and cracking on each other every chance they get. But more than that, Tourgasm is the story of four friends, all at different points in their lives and careers, struggling to cope with each other…as well as figure out the difference between, say, Iowa and Ohio. LTT scheduled a conference call to see how everyone survived the trip, and what they learned along the way.

Publicist Dane’s on, guys. I’m still trying to reach Jay Davis.

LTT Hi, Dane.

Cook What’s up?

LTT We were just talking about MySpace pages. Do you have to manually accept every single one of the million-plus people who want to be your friend, or is there some automated system?

DC Nope. I hired my little sister about six months ago to actually help me approve friends. My whole family will do it. Everybody will log on from time to time and grab a thousand.

Kelly I had to hire somebody today, ’cause I got 20 new friends. I hired somebody for 11 cents an hour.

Gulman Is anyone surprised Jay Davis is not here?

DC I’ve been calling his home phone and cell for two days, and both have this thing where it’s like, ”This mailbox is full.”

GG Yeah! I called him last week and it was full.

DC Well, you know what? Jay’s not gonna get a word in edgewise anyway, so let’s just go ahead.

LTT Having just watched the first two episodes, I didn’t think poor little Jay would make it all the way through the Tourgasm. Did he survive? He was actually crying at one point…

DC I’ve known Jay for about five or six years, and I’ve never seen him get that emotional. I mean, he’ll tell you — he’s got the ADHD [attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder]. And so even if he wants to cry, he kind of forgets. But something really hit him in the soft spot on that day.

LTT There’s also a lot of male bonding going on.

GG Jay ends every conversation with ”Love ya lots.” Dane and I had to confront him one time and say, ”Can you never say that again?”

DC What guy says that? ”Love you” is, eh, it’s okay…but ”lots”?

RK The ”lots” does kind of give you little douche quivers in the back of your neck.

DC Bobby comes up with metaphors that don’t even mean anything. Douche quivers on the back of your neck?

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