Continuing story lines for three cancelled shows -- How we would continue ''Everwood'', ''Invasion'', and ''Conviction''

By Dalton Ross
Updated June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Continuing story lines for three cancelled shows

We’re not quite ready to bid farewell to these canceled series. So we came up with our own continuing story lines.

Where it left off With ADA Peluso (Eric Balfour) confessing his love for colleague ADA Finn (Julianne Nicholson) during a courtroom hostage crisis. What should’ve happened next They get married and have babies. Deputy DA Jim (Anson Mount) and office romance Jessica (Milena Govich), however, bust up when bureau chief Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March) dumps her fiancé and inspects Jim’s other legal briefs. Oh, and Potter (Jordan Bridges) takes his post-mugging stress disorder to new levels when he shoots up the office.

Where it left off With Amy (Emily VanCamp) and Ephram (Gregory Smith) reunited, Andy (Treat Williams) and Nina (Stephanie Niznik) engaged, and Hannah (Sarah Drew) staying put. What should’ve happened next Amy and Ephram keep breaking up until Ephram pulls off the ultimate grand gesture: getting his dad to operate on Amy’s mom while on a Ferris wheel. Nina’s ex (Dylan Walsh) returns to say he’s actually not gay, so Andy moves to Wisteria Lane to be with old flame Linda (Marcia Cross) and late wife Julia (Brenda Strong).

Where it left off Sheriff Underlay (William Fichtner) submerged an injured Larkin (Lisa Sheridan) into the alien water. What should’ve happened next Larkin emerges — naked, of course — a changed woman…or hybrid, as it were. She insists the alien baby in her belly is the chosen one who will bring balance to the Everglades, and then uses her connections as a TV news reporter not only to take the story public but also to get Invasion back on the air! Deputy Lewis (Nathan Baesel) celebrates by trying to give himself a high five.