10 things you should know about Timothy Olyphant -- The ''Deadwood'' sheriff still has a crush on Katie Holmes

By Lynette Rice
Updated June 09, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Before Deadwood, he’d never been on a horse. ”I joked to HBO’s chairman that I was scared to death of them. He didn’t find it funny.”

2 Olyphant is relishing Sheriff Bullock’s foe in season 3: ”George Hearst becomes the enemy that unites everybody. It’s fantastic!”

3 The actor grew up in another notorious town: Modesto, Calif., home of Gary Condit and Scott Peterson (”a couple of gems!”).

4 He and his brother Andy loved to cut out of school early for General Hospital. ”People say John Stamos, I say that’s Blackie.”

5 The 38-year-old hearts Katie Holmes, his costar in 1999’s Go. ”There’s nothing embarrassing about having a crush on Katie!” Um…

6 Olyphant forgot he has a ”new” movie out, Coastlines. Understandable — he did film his role (as a scoundrel) five years ago.

7 In 2007, he’ll star in Catch and Release as a guy who has sex at his friend’s funeral, then woos the pal’s fiancée (Jennifer Garner).

8 Olyphant’s now in St. Louis filming Bill. He plays a cad who’s shtupping Aaron Eckhart’s wife. Anybody sense a theme here?

9 Then he’ll return to Deadwood when HBO ends the series with two TV movies. ”It’s better to go early than to fade away.”

10 Seeing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth made Olyphant happy he swam at USC. ”The ice caps are melting! Teach your kids to swim!”