By Scott Brown
Updated June 08, 2006 at 08:14 PM EDT
Credit: Michelle Trachtenberg: Everett Collection

The always-reliable Onion A.V. Club has posted a list of television’s most loathed characters. There are plenty of gimmes (Scrappy Doo, Cousin Oliver), a few built-in debates (Buffy’s sister, Dawn, pictured? Urkel, but no Screech? And, c’mon, Livia Soprano?), and two that hit close to home.

I speak of Coy and Vance Duke, the scab beefcakes brought in to replace Bo and Luke during a season-long salary dispute. During this dark period in American history, I was too young to understand what a salary dispute was. I remember thinking that maybe Coy and Vance WERE Bo and Luke, in disguise. Or maybe there was something wrong with the camera. Several pints of innocence were lost that winter. (It would be several more years before I grasped the significance of the Stars and Bars.)

Any-hoo, peruse the list. There’s plenty to delight and infuriate. And as for your personal Most Hateds, well, that’s what the comment boards were made for. Burn ’em up!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a salary dispute, Brown and Slezak will be replaced by two adorable kittens who will pad over the keyboard, batting a ball of twine, their precious paws striking random keys in the process. This will probably result in a better blog for everyone, so don’t expect to see the boys back anytime soon.]

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