By EW Staff
Updated June 08, 2006 at 05:35 AM EDT

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since Entertainment Weekly entered the blogosphere. Let’s look back on some of our finest moments, shall we?

The story: Tom Cruise’s three-day detox plan (April 12, 2006)

The backstory: When Scott Brown joined the PopWatch fold about two months (and 200 blog entries) ago, I have to admit that I feared he might frown on our little blog-ternity party as something less journalistically sound than, say, the thoughtful, serious criticism of stage and screen he had authored for the magazine. So imagine my relief when he submitted his high-sterical (albeit completely fabricated) account of his recovery from heroin addiction with the assistance of one Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He’s awesome like that.

(We’ll post a new fond memory every day until June 13, PopWatch’s official birthday. If you have a favorite, post it below.)