By Scott Brown
June 07, 2006 at 08:39 PM EDT

And the hits just keep on coming. Now Vanity Fair suggests Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code ripped off yet another book, something called Daughter of God by Lewis Perdue.

“Comedy is theft,” a wise man once said. So… airport-novel-writing is also theft. Is anyone surprised? Does anyone fault Delta Force Six: The Decepticon Initiative for its similarities to Trident Assault Three: The Autobot Conspiracy? This kind of crap flies under the radar. The problems don’t arise until you take an airport novel and elevate it to the status of literature. Then you find out the author basically Googled the whole book, and much bellyaching ensues.

I also have a theory. I think Dan Brown totally ripped off The Bible, which contains a character called “Jesus.” He doesn’t show up until halfway through, but he’s there. Check it and get back to me.