June 07, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

The elusive Project 880, James Cameron’s looooooooooong-awaited feature follow-up to Titanic, finally reveals itself! Or, rather, pokes its head above the surface, Nessie-like.

It’s something called Avatar — and it’s not the adaptation of the Battle Angel Alita manga that many predicted. The link above takes you to an analysis of its casting call. What can be gleaned? It’s a story of war, occupation, and colonization. In other words, pure science fiction, with absolutely no resemblance to current events. And, yes, it’s set on another planet — a planet not-so-subtly named “Pandora.” Here, humans and the indigenous population fight it out and fool around, in the grand tradition of interracial collisions. Characters include an embittered paraplegic veteran, a spunky “native” woman who teaches him about life and love,  and several iron-eyed military types.

Yeah… sounds a bit hokey to me too. On the other hand, this is James Cameron: The worse it looks on paper, the better it turns out to be in the theater. I just hope Pandora’s a desert planet. One drop of water and I fear we’ll have another aqua-mentary on our hands.

Speaking of aqua-, the blogfather had this to say of Avatar: “I think I’d rather see that him make the fake Aquaman movie from Entourage.” I’m not sure I’d go that far. If this turns out to be a peppier Solaris via The Martian Chronicles with a post-Iraq twist, then I’m there, astronaut ice cream in hand. But he makes an excellent point: Life has already imitated Entourage once, with the CW’s small-screen Aquaman project Mercy Reef. Is there a part of me that wants to see a Cameron-Adrien Grenier-Mandy Moore Aqua-movie? Sure. But there was once a part of me that wanted to see Kevin Costner recycle his urine. Hollywood gave us that, and we were sorry. Be careful what you wish for.

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