Allyssa Lee chatted with model and actress Molly Sims about ''Las Vegas,'' her athletic ambitions, and more

By Allyssa Lee
Updated June 06, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Molly Sims: model-slash-actress-slash-…volleyball star? We caught up with the Las Vegas actress as she was trying to qualify for the AVP Cuervo Gold Crown beach volleyball tournament in Huntington Beach, Calif. Here’s what she had to say about her show, her love of sports, and Sin City.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How’s it going at the tournament?
MOLLY SIMS: Good — I’m putting some ice on my hand, but besides that, I’m okay. My nose is fine. All good.

So are you advancing?
No, we lost.

Oh. Sorry.
I know, we wanted to try one more game — it’s so fun! Even though my wrists are swollen, you get out there, and your adrenaline starts rushing…

How were you introduced to the game?
My best girlfriend Jessica — we were modeling together for years and years and years — married a professional beach volleyball player, Julien Prosser, and he and his partner Mark Williams got fourth in the Olympics at Athens. These people are good… I ve always been athletic. I was a swimmer for many years, and I play tennis and a little bit of golf and basketball, but this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

When you’re playing volleyball against these pros, do you think they are out to get you because they know that you’re a model and actress?
[Jokes] Well, I think I got one or two looks, let me tell you. But nah, I think they felt sorry for me at the end.

You’re on a show called Las Vegas, and you were just in Vegas celebrating your 33rd birthday. Don’t you ever get tired of it?
Yeah, but [the cast members] don’t go to Las Vegas that much. We shoot the show in Culver City, which I think a lot of people now realize. I like going to Vegas, but only for one or two nights. [Otherwise, it’s] too much.

Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. Can you give us any kind of hint as to what’s going to happen, especially between your character, Delinda, and Josh Duhamel’s Danny?
Um…it ain t over till it s over, that s all I m going to say.

Delinda and Danny obviously had a thing from the very beginning, so maybe they’re meant to be together…
I don’t know… We’ll see! I was sworn — I got a call the other day; they were like, ”You say one word…”

Do you have people stopping you on the streets trying to tell you what they think should happen?
Oh my God, yes. ”You have to go back with him.” ”You can’t NOT marry Dr. Derek.” ”What’s going to happen to your dad [James Caan]?” ”Did your dad get killed, or did it look like the door opened and someone else got killed?” Oh, Lord, I’m telling you, they’ve got theories.

Do you feel like you’ve hit your stride as an actress, now that you’ve gone past the third season? Do you feel comfortable with the other characters and your own character?
Yeah, I think your character is always changing. Mine developed more into comedy — her trying to be a real person, and not being too badass or manipulative or bitchy. I try to bring humor into her, because all the other characters on the show, well, besides Nikki [Cox’s], were quite hard characters. So you always want to bring a little humor; you always want to change her up. And that’s what’s good about being on a show. You know you’ve got 24 different episodes to try different things.

Are you like Delinda in any way?
Totally. Like today on the volleyball court, I totally messed up, and I looked up to the heavens and prayed. That’s something Delinda would do. She has no problems with self-deprecation, let me tell you.

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