By Marc Vera
Updated June 05, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s a good thing Bedroom Walls are around. Their “romanticore” chamber pop is the ideal backdrop for lazy summer days. Not the ones you spend outside or anything, the ones when there are perfectly good Top Chef re-runs airing on Bravo. In other words, depressing, wallowing, soul-crushing days of self-pity. Check out the cheerily titled “In Anticipation of Your Suicide” (from their newly released All Good Dreamers Pass This Way). Their twangy, Built to Spill-like rhythyms mesh with Marianne Faithfull-like vocals. Did I mention that the song starts with the line “Your heart is always almost beating”? Nice. If that’s not enough of a hook, check out their quartet version of “Somewhere in Newhall” to get a grasp of their musical depth.