Who best copied the look of ''A Clockwork Orange''? -- We rate the copycats from Gnarls Barkley to My Chemical Romance

By Clark Collis
Updated June 02, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hip-hop duo Gnarls Barkley are the latest in a long line of musicians to dress like the bowler-hat-loving gang from Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. But who’s best copied the distinctive look of the ”droogs” and their psychopathic leader, Alex (played by Entourage‘s Malcolm McDowell)? Let’s find out!

GNARLS BARKLEY The rap duo behind ”Crazy” certainly look insane enough in their bowler hats and white costumes. Alas, they’re so insane that they decided to wear stupid blond wigs as well. DROOGISHNESS: B

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Absence of exterior padded codpieces means points lost for the emo-punk band. And — mon Dieu! — is that guy in the middle of the photo wearing a beret? DROOGISHNESS: B-

BLUR The British indie-rockers spared no expense on the excellent Kubrickian set design for the video to ”The Universal,” which may explain why they couldn’t afford any hats! DROOGISHNESS: D+

JOHN BONHAM Big fans of ”ultra violence,” the droogs would have approved of the Led Zep drummer’s thunderous percussive skills. His unkempt beard and lack of fake eyelashes? Not so much. DROOGISHNESS: C-

BART SIMPSON Hat, braces, codpiece, cane: Bart’s outfit could not be more perfect, even if his complexion is less A Clockwork Orange than A Clockwork Banana. Mmmm, a clockwork banana… DROOGISHNESS: A