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By EW Staff
Updated June 02, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Paradise ‘Lost’
I was ecstatic to see some of my favorite Lost characters on the cover, but to discover bonus covers inside nearly threw me into shock!
Chris Labadie
Goodyear, Ariz.

According to your article on Lost (”War of the Worlds”), Carlton Cuse ”believes the show can survive on character-driven redemption tales for years.” I could not disagree more. What Lost needs is not more mysteries, theories, or redemption tales. It needs some solid answers and to tie up at least some loose ends. Nothing would be better than for the producers to commit to the show lasting five seasons at most, and planning out the plot revelations accordingly. Otherwise, the show risks descending into the same morass as did The X-Files. By the end, almost no one could figure out the entire conspiracy and, even worse, nobody cared to try.
Ted Landau
El Cerrito, Calif.

I recently read your cover story about Lost, which mentioned the fact that the show’s viewership is down. The reason I stopped watching it is that I got tired of waiting for the new shows to air. It’s easier to wait and watch it on DVD than trying to figure out when the new episodes would finally be on. Continually rerunning old episodes and the pilot whenever they wanted had me lost. Love the show, hate the way it is aired.
Kyle Dilley
Fountaintown, Ind.

I’m an avid EW reader, and I appreciate good television as much as the next girl, but honestly, featuring the cast of Lost on your cover five times in the past two seasons? Why not consider giving a little more recognition to shows that actually deserve it, like House or Veronica Mars? I’d take Kristen Bell over Evangeline Lilly any day.
Laura Reineke
Fostoria, Ohio

Clan of the Cave
I nearly fell off my couch when I saw Nick Cave on your contents page. I’ve often said that he is the heir to Johnny Cash, and it’s fitting your story (”The Baddest Seed”) quoted ”The Mercy Seat,” which Cash covered. Thanks for giving an underrecognized but respected artist his due.
Jason Winter

Hailing ‘Chief’
As a Commander in Chief fan, I am disgusted by how that show was handled (News & Notes). Despite production issues, the show’s consistency lay in the outstanding performances by a cast who did their best to keep it together, regardless of what was going on behind the scenes.
Mary Jane Lorenz
West Chester, Pa.

In our Pop Culture Quiz question about A League of Their Own, the acronym should have been AAGPBL, which stands for All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (#877).

Number of readers planning to fork over money for the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD ”just to hear the ‘Yub Yub’ song”

Number of readers who think the cast of 1996’s Twister is on an Oscar streak

Holy Obsessive Fan! Or wholly obsessive fan? Either describes Kristin Zerbe of Wilmington, Del., who was happy to see Chris O’Donnell in a Sound Bites box — ”my favorite actor quoted in my favorite feature of my favorite magazine.” Zerbe’s husband knows of her passion of the Chris and ”encouraged it by getting us front-row tickets to see his play” in 2002. He even took this pic. Holy Understanding Guy!