Celebrities on game shows -- William Shatner and Celine Dion are only some of the stars who have played to win

By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 02, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Celine Dion

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Famous people and common folk don’t mix — except on game shows. Here are a few favorite moments.

The $20,000 Pyramid
1977 William Shatner made a difference in one woman’s life (of about $19,650) when he slipped and said, ”You’re blessed” while describing the final category, ”Things That Are Blessed.” Shatner reacted by throwing his chair out of the winner’s circle and screaming. For us, it was worth every penny.

Match Game
1977 Richard Dawson believed his answer ”finishing school” matched a contestant’s answer of ”school” on this fill-in-the-blanks classic. When the judge disagreed, Dawson refused to take down his card and let the game continue. Host Gene Rayburn then took control by demanding a commercial break.

Password Plus
1979 First, Robert Urich began his day on the one-word-clue-and-answer show by giving the hint ”Woody” when the answer was ”Woody.” Then, after twice not being able to figure out the answer to the clue ”Harvard” (it was ”Yale”), Urich said he wanted to go home and griped, ”Vicki Lawrence warned me about this.”

Hollywood Squares
1998 Bobcat Goldthwait says he was fired from the Tom Bergeron-hosted Squares because nobody would call on him. According to the comedian, when one contestant needed Goldthwait’s square to win, he actually chose the only other square left on the board instead — Judd Nelson.

Deal or No Deal
2006 Celine Dion appears on the NBC show’s June 5 season finale to offer ”support,” via satellite, to a high school guidance counselor trying to take home a supersize $5 million suitcase. (Dion is a fan of the show.) Sadly, it’s the guidance counselor, not Dion, who serenades the Banker with ”Because You Loved Me.”

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Celine Dion

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