By Scott Brown
Updated May 31, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Dixie Chicks: Mark Seliger

It’s official: Natalie Maines’ approval ratings are soaring above the president’s. Of course, the president doesn’t have a chart-topping album out. (Maybe he should try that.)

After enduring slings, arrows, death-threats, boycotts and mass-smashings of their discs (one of the most embarrassing spasms of hysteria this country has ever experienced), the Chicks have taken a page from the administration they so famously criticized: They’re not apologizing. You’d might expect this to land them an honorary slot on the blue-tinted Billboard 200, but the Chicks also nabbed No. 1 on the country chart — and with precious little help from country radio, which remains standoffish.

Frankly, we at Entertainment Weekly were hoping for a little more backlash. Smooth sailing for the Chicks means there’s precious little chance we’ll be picturing them naked again anytime soon. People don’t take off their clothes for just any old controversy. So, fingers crossed, someone will start a big ruckus real soon. Someone not Denniz Franz.

addCredit(“Dixie Chicks: Mark Seliger”)