By Scott Brown
Updated May 31, 2006 at 06:26 PM EDT

Woman warriors don’t die; they live forever in comic books. That’s the lesson of two recent news items.

First, an update from the ever-expanding Buffyverse: Joss Whedon will be penning another raft of comic books following the adventures of his vampire-slaying heroine and her beloved Scoobies. And yes, it will extend existing continuity, which is a geek-tastic way of saying this will be the Season 8 that never was. Which is as it should be. America’s vampire problem has not abated, and in some ways, has worsened.

In a related resurrection, Batwoman is coming back. And coming out. The occasion is 52, a new series from DC that takes place in a world where the principal “Trinity” superheroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) are out of action. That cedes the stage to lesser known hereoes like The Question, Booster Gold, and Batwoman, who hasn’t been seen since her apparent murder in 1979. Now she’s back… and she likes girls. I don’t know if girl-on-girl action sold to comic-book fanboys qualifies as a bold step. But let’s just enjoy ourselves and feel progressive about it, shall we?