By Scott Brown
Updated May 26, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Head still spinning from Wednesday’s finale? Awe and wonder still vying with frustration, confusion, and lingering questions about the CGI “Hurleybird” — e.g., did it have to look so sucky?

Worry not. There’s plenty more where that came from. Between the ever-expanding alternate-reality game (wherein lies the connection between Desmond-hatin’ plutocrat Charles Widmore and peace-lovin’ arms dealer Alvar Hanso) and the raging debates over exactly what the hell happened in the finale, you’ve got a summer’s worth of fruitless speculation to look forward to. Our friends over at TV Tattle are adding to the din with the following links:

-Sayonara, Michael and Walt? An interview with Harold Perrineau (at left, with Malcolm David Kelly) indicates that Mike & Son have left the island for good, though one or both may return in season 4.

-This flow chart claims to map the ties that bind the Losties together. Some of it’s theoretical (says here Bernard is Alvar Hanso — whaaaa?), and much is suspect (Rose is related to Walt why, exactly? Because she’s black?), but still, it’s handy. ‘Specially if you take your cue from it and make your own, a la March Madness brackets.

-Here’s some very vague casting call info for season 3. Make of it what you will. Or go audition, perjure yourself on your non-disclosure form, and report back here. (I will disavow any knowledge of this ploy, if interrogated. In 10 seconds, this blog will self-destruct.)

-Oh, and be sure to check out the next podcast from producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Word is, they’re going to address some of the questions raised by the finale. And give, I’m sure, totally straightforward answers.

(The blog hasn’t self-destructed yet, has it? Crap.)

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