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By EW Staff
May 26, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

At Close Range
How interesting to see a cover shot of the over-hyped, overrated Tom Cruise and then an incredibly similar shot within the issue’s pages of the underhyped, underrated (yes, there’s that Oscar nomination, but look at bankability) Edward Norton. Cruise’s photo is bathed in light, Norton’s in darkness. The juxtaposition speaks for itself, and I’ll take the Norton story any day. Just had to get past Cruise on the cover first.
Liz Anderson
Centreville, Va.

Oh, EW, it’s as if your close-up cover shot is just inviting more people to trash Mr. Tom Cruise. I’m still a fan of his. He’s still a great actor and one of the few actors to date who has genuine star presence. So what if he has differing views — this is America, and last I checked we are allowed to have those. Can you cut the guy some slack?
Philip Ramos
Westfield, N.Y.

Is Tom Cruise Really Worth $100,000,000? No. Was it appropriate to make his head almost too big for your cover? Yes. Would I rather see some awesome Aussies (Heath, Nicole) on your cover instead? Any day, mate.
Tim Laman
Euless, Tex.

In your article ”Teflon Tom,” you mention that M:I-3 stands or falls on Cruise alone. You have completely underestimated the draw of TV powerhouse J.J. Abrams. My friends and I wanted to see what Abrams could bring to the big screen. And after seeing the movie, I can say that I got what I wanted. J.J. was written all over that movie. I can liken specific scenes/characters directly to Alias, and, in some cases, Lost. Abrams has done phenomenal things for TV, and given the extra budget and screen time, it was an awesome experience to see him bring that talent to the movies.
Melissa Miller
Corvallis, Ore.

Pearls of Wisdom
Your article on Pearl Jam was awesome (”It’s a Pearl Jamily Affair”). One thing, though: I’ve been a PJ fan for 15 years and been a member of the Ten Club for going on seven years. We have never called ourselves ”Jamily.” We cringe when we hear that word.
Tim Baldwin
Columbus, Ohio

Pearl Jam is a great band, but putting them on the same plane as the Grateful Dead is like putting Hydrox cookies on a table next to Oreos.
Joe Farrell
New York City

Moment of Truthiness
I could understand your finding Stephen Colbert’s speech at the White House Correspondents’ dinner unsettling, but not amusing (News & Notes)? He was devastating — brave, brilliant, and funny as hell. ”Rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg,” indeed!
Miriam Tillman

Number of readers who envied comic Jeff Garlin after seeing our photo of him ”settled cheerfully between the lips of Sarah Silverman and Bonnie Hunt”

Number of readers peeved that we said Stephen Colbert is usually much funnier than he was at the White House Correspondents’ dinner


It seems Michael Heiter of Irvine, Calif., views the world through Rosie O’Donnell-colored glasses. He objects to a comment we made about her unforgettable scene in 1994’s Exit to Eden, and adds, ”I find Rosie in her leather outfit to be extremely sexy.” Calling her ”a woman of remarkable courage,” he praises her work on behalf of children and gay couples. We agree on all counts. Except the outfit.